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Earn ₦57,500 Shares Monthly Without Referrals With ShareOps

Welcome to ShareOps !!!

That’s right you can Earn ₦57,500 Shares Monthly Without Referrals With ShareOps !!!

Share is the new paying update in Nigeria. There is no way you won’t make money with ShareOps.

What is ShareOps ?

ShareOps is a platform that pays it members to share information, news and adverts on social media. It pays you to perform task and offers online. Just using your mobile phone or your computer to browse.

How Can I Earn Money With ShareOps ?

Firstly you need to know the registration fee is ₦2,000. So this business is for serious people who really want to take the financial status to the next level.



There are many ways you can earn money with ShareOps. Which are :

1. By Performing Activities
2. By Using the GameChanger

I will explain this two ….

By Performing Activities :

1.) You Earn instant ₦2,000 shares immediately after registration completed ( Sign up bonus)

2.) Login to your acct daily, ₦50×30days=₦1500 shares

3.) Share sponsored post to your facebook, ₦100×30=₦3000 shares

4.) Earn ₦10 for viewing and clicking ads, ₦10×50ads=₦500(daily) ₦500×30days=₦15,000 shares

5.) Upload news and earn ₦100 per each, ₦100×10news a day = ₦1,000 (daily) ₦1,000×30=₦30,000 Shares

6) Each video you view on social media you earn ₦200 so ₦200 X 30 daily that is ₦6,000 shares



The second way to earn money is through the affiliate system, in this process, you are required to invite people with your affiliate, but if you can not, then the system can do it for you. All you need to do is to activate your account and submit your affiliate link to the system bot follow the instructions and watch wonders. Because ShareOps pays as high as ₦1,500 and ₦2,000 cash for affiliate commission plus indirect commissions which are ₦200 for level 1, ₦150 for level 2, ₦100 for level 3 and ₦50 for level 4. My brother and Sister you go buy SUV if you are a good marketer. This is an illustration of how to affiliate system works :

As soon as you activate your account with ₦2,000 your account will be enabled to receive ₦1,500 from 10 or persons, which makes it ₦15,000 or more. Once you get this quickly upgrade to expert with ₦3,000 which will be deducted from your commission. As soon as you are in expert. your account will be enabled to receive ₦2,000 from 20 persons, which makes it ₦40,000 instantly. Once you have reach this stage you will keep earning ₦1,500 in Starter and ₦2,000 in expert plus your indirect commissions that will be falling like rain in each blessed day. There are people who are making nothing less than ₦65,000 daily with ShareOps. Please and please do not take this business for granted. You can buy SUV car or TOYOTA camry.

As for me, my financial life has change for good. After I invested ₦2,000 with ShareOps, my financial life has change. I no more borrow but I help my family and I help the needy.

See your financial life too can change, if you are ready to take action and put this in to test.

Please don’t delay, join ShareOps today and start earning today

These are some proves from some of our members







Registration and Activation Process

 You will need a coupon code to complete the registration process. Click here Now , to get your coupon, there are two ways, you can get it online instantly . To this click pay online and make payment of ₦2,100, the extra ₦100 is for merchant charges to deliver you coupon code immediately


You can pay ₦2,000 to the bank account there and fill the form, a customer assistant, will send your coupon to your email address within 10 mins

Once you have gotten your coupon code, click on register and complete your registration and claim your ₦2,000 instantly

Register Your Account Now 


Please Do Not Miss This Opportunity, Please !!!